2023 Partners for Progress Gala 2023 Partners for Progress Gala

Terrace on the Park

Wednesday, May 24, 2023



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The Gala

The Partners for Progress Gala is a fundraiser of the QCC Fund, Inc., to benefit Queensborough Community College students. Join us for an incredible evening of live entertainment as we honor Dr. Mitchell Katz, President & Chief Executive Officer of NYC Health + Hospitals, Luchia Meihua Lee, Executive Director and Chief Curator, Taiwanese American Arts Council, and the community partners who lift up and empower our students to achieve their dream of earning a college degree!

"The real cost of earning a college degree includes educational technology, travel expenses, textbooks, nourishment, and unexpected incidentals." - Dr. Christine Mangino, President, Queensborough Community College

2023 Partner of the Year


Dr. Mitchell Katz,
President & Chief Executive Officer
NYC Health & Hospitals


Luchia Meihua Lee,
Executive Director
Taiwanese American Arts Council

Dr. Christine Mangino, President
Queensborough Community College

Dr. Jasmin Moshirpur, Gala Chair

The Queensborough Community College Fund, Inc.


Dr. Mitchell Katz

Dr. Mitchell Katz

President and Chief Executive Officer of NYC Health + Hospitals

Since 2018 Dr. Mitchell Katz has led NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest municipal health care system in the United States with 11 acute care hospitals, dozens of community health centers, and an insurance plan, Metro Health Plus, among other vital healthcare resources. Dr. Katz has modernized major aspects within the system, including the creation of an outreach program to homeless New Yorkers, and NYC Care for more than 100,000 uninsured New Yorkers. And he led the financial turn-around, enrolling more New Yorkers into health insurance. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Katz provided strategic advice to the city. He directed the system's response to the surge of patients and orchestrated the hospitals' leading Test and Trace operation and more than 1.3 million COVID-19 vaccines.

Luchia Meihua Lee

Luchia Meihua Lee

Executive Director and Chief Curator, Taiwanese American Arts Council

Building bridges between communities, nationally and internationally through art and culture to deepen our senses of beauty, inspiration, and empathy. Mission, Taiwanese American Arts Council

Luchia Meihua Lee is renowned for her expertise in the fields of contemporary art, photography and new media at museums and cultural centers throughout New York City and in her home country of Taiwan. As Chief Curator at the Taiwanese American Arts Council, she engages a public audience through new and innovative ways, most recently with the multi-media exhibit, Urban Tribes--The transnational movement of people in the era of globalization. Over the span of her distinguished career in the art field she also guest curated many exhibitions and programs at the Queens Museum from 2003 to 2018; Deputy Curator at the Chinese Information and Cultural Center, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in New York; Specialist for the Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan; and Chief Curator and Director of Exhibition Development at the National Taiwan Museum of Art.

The Host

Mateo Saenz

Mateo Saenz, '18

My name is Mateo Saenz, and I am a proud graduate of Queensborough Community College. To me, Queensborough was more than just a beginning. It was everything. It was here that I first conducted research, here that I discovered a passion for innovation through 3D printing, and it was here where I found my incredible mentors who opened up the doors that changed my life. At Queensborough, I found my own purpose for wanting to become a medical doctor! It was at Queensborough that I developed and presented my idea of 3D printing a drone to locate people who are trapped underneath rubble during a natural disaster. At Queensborough I found the right environment, the right mentors, and the right college to help me get to where I am today. I invite you to join me in giving back so that other students like me can experience such a wonderful, life-changing education.

Ways to Sponsor!

Led by Dr. Mitchell Katz, funds raised at Queensborough's 2023 Partners for Progress will help provide short-term emergency relief to currently enrolled Queensborough students.


85% of Queensborough students who have outstanding tuition balances between $500 and $1,000 drop out of school. Dr. Katz has requested that funds raised in his honor at the Gala help support these students to keep them in school and on track to complete their associate degrees.


Why Give? Enable Success For Students in Need

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    "What keeps me going when it comes to my environmental science studies is just the drive and passion I have, and the willpower to overcome barriers. I've been unemployed, had no family support, and homeless. QCC helped me out. The idea of supporting young scholars to believe in themselves and helping them learn, grow and mature is a beautiful thing. Please do what you can and make a donation. The power of your gift is infinite."

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    "I'm a bio major and I'm considering becoming a physician. The financial strain [of going to college] is really something. It's relatively simple to have your studies derailed. I was so relieved to receive support; it was just like my way out. If you're not able to pay for college, you can't reach your potential. Please give generously. The power of your gift is infinite. "

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    "It is hard for me [in my] Asian culture to ask for help. When I was first unemployed, I struggled financially and mentally because I didn't know what to do. Fortunately, I emailed a Queensborough staff member and she told me right away [that] QCC is here to help students. Sometimes people just need a little bit of help for them to get through the hardest time of their life. Please contribute. The power of your gift is infinite."

Support Leads to Success

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Saji Sheerazi

Saji Sheerazi

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Queensborough Community College

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